How I made my 1st affiliate sale and continuing it further?

It’s been evident that affiliate marketing is the most exceptional income stream for most bloggers out there, I mean, who can turn down the significant passive income?

But, how to do the first affiliate sale?

But to enjoy those profits, aren’t you supposed to be putting the smart and hard work right in the first place?

Yes, you should.

In this article, I will try to make you understand completely about what it takes to see some regular income through affiliate products. More like in a practical way.

My name is Mudassir, I run a blog called NettyFeed and Chayan accepted my request writing this guide on his super blog, thanks to him.

Let’s quickly dive into the topic.

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My Blogging Story (Don't worry! I am keeping it simple)

I have started my blog in late 2016. Of course, the motive was to make money as I was inspired by income figures of bloggers like Anil Agarwal.

I use to run 8-10 random categories on my blog, write some blog posts, and add too many affiliate products everywhere on my blog.

Even though I started the blog on my own by reading Internet articles, I knew none about On-page SEO stuff then, plus, I didn’t care about the importance of SEO.

I hope by now, you have realized the mistakes I made. If not, I will share below and advise you not to repeat such errors:

Error 1 - Adding irrelevant categories

I had these categories like startups, tech, blogging, movies, news, health, finance, etc. when I started.

Almost like ten categories: All are non-relevant to each other.

Plus, I did not know these topics, but my money desperation made me do copy-paste work most of the time.

I failed horribly. For every Google algorithm update, my site rankings would go down. Since I had no idea about SEO, I would feel terrible then.

My point is to write the stuff that you are good at or at least passionate about to learn in the future.

But do not just randomly pick some topics for the sake of blog appearance and to earn.

It doesn’t work in the long run. Moreover, readers develop trust in us as we talk about one or a few selected topics regularly on the blog.

They would consider you an expert in that particular field and listen to you more.

When the trust falls in the right place, sales increases eventually.

Error 2 - Not learning even SEO basics

When I say SEO basics, it covers content, blog UX, loading speed, building and accepting non-relevant links, and so on.

 I was not good at researching content.

I use to write thin, low-quality content of 300-500 words and more of like copied from others, which wouldn’t rank well.

So, I suggest you write at least 1000-2000+ words based on your keyword competition in a structured way.

No matter how bad your English is, try to create content in your own words instead of copying from others.

Keep practicing writing; it surely helps to grow in blogging.

 Make sure the blog loads in less time.

Slow loading does not only makes the user leave the blog but also is a wrong signal for SEO.

Use tools like GTmetrix or Page Insights and find out how to optimize speed by using plugins like WProcket, Autoptimize, etc.

As I was desperate for money, I use to add any niche link by charging a minimal amount.

This way, my blog got famous in the wrong way, and so many people started approaching me to reach their relationships added.

Heck, my blog became like an All-In-One bin.

Very soon, I had to realize that not only incoming links but also the outgoing link relevancy should even matter in the eyes of Google.

After it, I had to pay back them all to remove all such content, links from my blog. Check out my blog now, mostly I talk about blogging and some sponsored stuff related to business brands.

My dear beginners: do not do above wrong stuff as I did, for money. Give a time, learn SEO in the right way, and rank well in a sweet way.


Error 3 - Ruining the UX for small money

Yes, I used to run MediaNet ads earlier.

One announcement on the header, one on the footer, 2 to 3 ads in the middle of the content.

Plus, affiliate banners, email pop-ups too!

Do you know any such blog as of now?

I’m sure; you will find none. Because bloggers (including me) realized that by ruining the blog’s user experience, there’s nothing we can achieve greater things.

Readers will get distracted and might not return to you in the future.

Think in the long run. When people love and trust you, then they even buy a product worth $500 with your recommendation, If not, hard to sell even a product worth $10.

Error 4 - Signing Up for all affiliates

I know the excitement to start earning, but believe me, it’s a bad idea to signing up for all those affiliates products you find on the Internet.

How do you even add too many on one blog and find ways to promote?

I recommend you go slow in this aspect; find out quality products from your niche. Pick one and learn about it, and if you think it genuinely helps you, readers, then without a second thought, start promoting it.

Try to use the trial version first; learn the pros and cons.

How I made my 1st affiliate sale?

I hope, from my above mistakes, you’ve learned something. I did learn too and rectified most of those mistakes now.

With all that energy, I understood that “Earning the trust of readers is the key to earn money through affiliate marketing stream.”

My first affiliate sale is from SiteGround that happened in the month of November 2019. Below is the screenshot:

Affiliate Sale
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I have installed SiteGround hosting for one of my friend’s blogs (Soon, I will use it for my blog too) and understood its performance and quality. So I thought it would be better to recommend such an excellent product for my readers through my “How to start a blog” guide, and other blog space.

Guess what? I have been making the right amount of sales through this!

Final Thoughts

Either you

  • add banners or links on Footer/header/sidebar
  • Or write detailed review articles

Make sure to keep on adding value to your readers in the form of honest and helpful content by creating a content strategy plan that never fails.

Just remember all of it in 3 easy steps

Create great content with excellent UX, build an audience, and start promoting affiliate products. And soon you’ll be enjoying the profits.

I hope this article is helpful. Please do share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Mudassir  Ahmed
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Mudassir Ahmed

Mudassir is the founder of NettyFeed, a blogging blog
helping the wannabes and beginners to start and build a successful
blogging career.

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19 thoughts on “How I made my 1st affiliate sale and continuing it further?”

  1. Hey Chayan

    I also started my blog 2 months back and desperately looking for the first affiliate sale.
    These tips will definitely help me to achieve this.

    Thanks for sharing bro

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here, Mudassir.

    Would say that i have learned from your mistakes and will follow the right steps you recommended on my blog.

    i wish you more earnings and myself too.

  3. Thank you for sharing your tips with us on how you made your first affiliate sale.

    A lot of bloggers, especially the new ones, make mistakes with blogging. There is no set formula I think kg for blogging success or making money online.

    Some blogs will make money in the first month of launch, while others make take a little bit longer time.

    Just have to keep writing long detailed and informative article.

    Awesome article.

  4. Hey Mudassir,
    you’re doing great!
    Half of the battle is won once you realize the mistakes you used to made and never will again. Once you don’t make mistakes then all that’s left is doing the right things and with it comes the sweet reward of ranking in Google organically.
    I’ve been to your blog many times and I know how much you’ve improved.

    You can do this blogging thing!

  5. Hello Mudassir.
    This is really an inspiring journey. I am going through initial stages as i have started blogging a few months back. Your tips are very powerful and will definitely help me in the long run.

    • Hey Yash,
      Thanks for reading and commenting here. Mudassir is one of the generous bloggers that I have seen. Making an affiliate sale is not hard, it’s hard to continue it with the same spirit. All the best.

  6. Hi Mudassir, Good to see you at Chayan’s space with an informative piece.
    Yes, Affiliate marketing is indeed a vast subject to deal with, though I am in with few things I am still a babe in this field and I could pick a few lessons from this post.
    Thanksfor shring
    Have wonderful time to both of your
    Stay Home Be Safe
    ~ Philip

  7. Keep learning and thriving, Yash 🙂 Feel free to ask in Chayan’s Facebook group if you have any questions about affiliate marketing. I wish you all good.

  8. Glad to see you here adding your valuable thoughts, Philip. We look forward to learning from you as much as possible. Have a great day there and be safe 🙂


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