What is the future of Digital Marketing, An Interview with Pankaj Kumar Meena

When it comes to predicting the future of Digital Marketing, we trust only experts. Let’s welcome you all to the 5th interview of our interview series.


Previously, in our interview series, we informed you about Digital Marketing updates, trends, search engine optimization. You may have a

question on your mind. What is the future of Digital Marketing? Life is uncertain. So do the job markets. Is it worth investing your time in

the never-ending digital marketing process? If you have such questions on your mind, your search ends here.


As promised, we have come up with the digital marketing support that you should to learn and apply. Today we will be interviewing a

Digital Marketing Trainer. At the same time, he is a blogger, YouTuber. Let’s welcome Pankaj Kumar Meena. The creator of (Sapnadance.com).

Let’s see what Pankaj shares about the future of Digital Marketing.


Digital marketing Future
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1: Welcome to simplefactsonline.com, tell us something about yourself?


Answer: Thanks for inviting me to your interview series Chayan. You are doing a good job within a short span of time. Happy to be here.

For my introduction I would say, I am a multi-level Digital Marketer. I have almost explored every possible Digital Marketing channels. I

am currently successfully running a digital marketing institute in Central Delhi and have been in this field for the last 8 years.  I would like to share my

wonderful experience of earning $8000 (Rs 5, 67, 000) within a year through my popular blog sapnadance.com.


2: When was the first time you heard about Digital Marketing?


Answer: To be honest. I was completely unaware of the possibilities and career opportunities in Digital Marketing.  Earlier I was using

social media just to relax. I was amazed to see the possibilities the digital marketing can offer. So slowly and gradually I started getting

into it. And with time I have excelled.


3: What was the reason behind starting (Blog/website/youtube channel)?


Answer: Initially I have started working in this field to earn some extra bucks and fulfill my needs. But, the moment I have explored the

possibilities, I kept on working hard. As they say, hard work always pays off.

This journey began with a great twist that happened during the marriage function of my brother in law. Where invitees were crazy to listen
to the numbers of Sapna Chaudhary who is a renowned dancing diva from Haryana.


4: What are your opinions about On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO in 2019? How should a new business start its initial SEO process?


Answer:    There is an ON page Checklist that must be followed as mentioned below:

  • Crawl your website
  • Start SEO auditing once a month and take care of your website’s architecture
  • Update URLs, page titles, and meta description
  • Establish value propositions for each page
  • Define your target audience
  • Plan new page titles
  • Add new meta descriptions
  • Track keywords and topics for each page
  • Review and edit page content as needed
  • Incorporate visual content
  • Add internal links
  • Optimize for conversions
One must include the following points while performing Off-page SEO
1. Hosted Content (social networking sites, image sharing sites, profile sites), Guest posting, Form posting.
2. Bookmarked or promoted website pages in Digg and similar sites
3. Downloads or Whitepapers using tracked links
4. Unique Video or Flash Views on a landing page
5. Unique Title Mentions in Twitter
5. Links to Promoted Blog Articles
6. Promote RSS Feed URLs
To build an SEO strategy for new business, one must research the respective Industry, relevant keyword, and competitors.

5:  According to you, what will be the future in Search Engine Optimization?


Answer:  The SEO game is changing. You have to have solid content in order to scale up your rankings and other factors. Search Engines

are focusing more on user experience. Design your content in such a way that whenever someone is visiting your site/youtube, you should

have enough content to showcase. Go to google and check the content compounding method. Last year, it was estimated that businesses

invested more than $65 billion on SEO services, and that number is projected to climb to over $90 billion by 2019 end. So in the coming

years, we will see more SEO optimized content, advertisements. And we will have more jobs to run those ads, create those contents.  I can

see no other sectors can provide this kind of employment incoming 5 years. And the best part is, you can learn SEO if you follow proper

guidelines. With a few months of experience, you can apply for a job as an SEO executive. 

6: Are you actively publishing your content in any other medium


Answer:  Before answering this, I will ask a question. What is stopping you from publishing content with any other medium?  I understand

that you may have a reason for it. But slowly and gradually that reason will become an excuse. If you are serious about your career and you

are in this blog for long term benefits. Then start publishing your content in other mediums. For example, if you are into text blogging,

you can start your youtube channel. After all these years of experience, I have realized that you have to embrace digital marketing and

should be happy with what you are creating. Let’s take this moment to appreciate yourself. You are really doing a good job.

I am also publishing my content on my website (Pankaj Kumar SEO).

At the same time, I have my youtube channel. I also do social media marketing. Remember one thing, social media marketing does not

just copy your blog URL and paste on the facebook group. You have to follow a proper strategy.


7. How did you feel after receiving your first online income?


Answer: It was a moment of great excitement for me and I felt it is not difficult for anyone to generate income through the internet.  Let

me be honest here, I am a very transparent person and I hate diplomacy. I have some doubts in my mind when I have started this journey.

I have seen life and I am not someone who easily gets motivated with the success stories. So all of you, who is kind enough to read this

section. I will tell you to follow the 3 E’s. Explore, Experience and Earn.


8. Job or Business? Your point of view.


Answer:  Before answering this question, I would like to share my experience. I grew up in an Indian middle-class family.  I have seen the

struggles and challenges for very basic things in life. Indian society is still not that mature. Especially the middle-class society. They

always try to put a tag in each and every person. There was a time that our society used to believe that doing medical and engineering

studies can get you moksha 🙂

I can see the time is changing, but we have to travel a lot to reach our destination. Don’t let someone else take your career decision. Job

and business are the different sides of the same coin. They have their own benefits and own challenges. You should try both before 25. If

you can do this then after 25 you would be able to make a decision. This isn’t easy I know. But if you can do it once, you will excel in life.

Mark my words. Invest in yourself. Try to be an expert in one domain before you cross 25.


9. Let our readers know about your future plans. Any new venture that you want to start?


Answer: Planning to write an ebook about my social media strategies. Unlike other digital marketers, I believe in sharing my secrets and

strategies. My message to them is “Do not get so insecure. Add some challenges to your business. And you will excel.” No business can

sustain like this.  A true competition can only happen when both sides have the same resources.


10. Your advice to someone who has just started his/her digital marketing career?


Answer: The demand for knowledgeable digital marketing professionals is growing exponentially. Thus the sector has many jobs but no

enough skilled candidates. Read every possible article you can find about growth hacking, technical marketing or digital marketing. Get to

grips with social media. Join a networking group. Find a mentor. You may join an institute to find a mentor. To view my institute’s

website, please visit us at http://www.greenboxdigitalinstitute.com/


That was Pankaj Kumar Meena for you guys. A visionary Digital Marketer who believes in coworking and collaboration. A perfect person

for our community. Comment down below if you want us to do more work together in the future. Share this article on social media if you

have liked it.

Want to share your story as Pankaj did just now?  Send an email at support@simplefactsonline.com

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