This Week’s Top Story, 10 Ways to Completely Revamp Your Search engine optimization results. An Interview with Sammy Belose

Welcome to the 4th interview of our interview series. Search Engine Optimization in 2019 with Sammy Belose. An SEO professional who has worked with brands like Ludo King and helped them achieve their SEO goals.


Recently we had the opportunity to meet this dynamic personality. He is really passionate about Search Engine Optimization. He is one of the best SEO entrepreneurs in India. So let’s learn Search Engine Optimization in 2019 with Sammy Belose.

 Let’s hear it from (Sammy Belose)!

SEO in 2019 With Sammy Belose
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1) Welcome to, tell us something about yourself?

Answer:  Hey, Ninja’s, I’m Sammy Belose accidentally Electronics & Telecom Engineer but passionately a certified Google Search Engine (SEO Expert) From Mumbai having result-oriented, a digital marketing professional with experience of current and ongoing digital trends.

I am highly skilled in analyzing Websites, Ecommerce, Local, YouTube & International SEO with proven link building techniques. I have

worked in IT, Banking, Fashion, Gardening, Real Estate, Travel & Hotel Industries.

My premium clients– NurseryLive, Ludo King, VDP Travels, Edaliso, Walnut App, Herosfact, Life Republic, Trak. in & TrakinTech.

2) We all know that keyword research is the most important part of SEO. Please tell us about the top 3 keyword research tools you use. And how to use them effectively?

Answer:  I use this Top 3 keyword research tool in 2019. These amazing tools have helped my organic traffic grow by 110.89% over the

last 3 months:

1) Ahrefs Keyword Explorer:

I just love using this Keyword Explorer:

It gives you every possible detail on each keyword. Search Volume, CPC, Competition & how many searchers click on a result.

Price: Paid

How to use Ahref?

Keyword: SEO Expert in Mumbai

1) Open Keyword Explorer in Ahref and fire the keyword.

2) Check the search volume & Keyword Difficulty.

3) Check the Search result page where small websites are ranking or not on DR factor (DR less than 25)

4) Minimum 2 website should be there with over 100 Traffic

5) Match the criteria then this is the perfect keyword for your blog.

2) Keyword Revealer:

Keyword revealer is the best tool for selecting keyword on a basis of competition.

It has an awesome function where we can see the word count of a post, Keyword in Title, Meta, URL with Moz DA & No. of backlinks,

Google Trends & Search volume as per the country.

Price: FREE (Search trial 3 keyword/Day)

How to use Keyword Revealer?

Keyword: SEO Expert in India

1) Open Keyword Revealer and put the keyword in the search bar.

2) Check the search volume & Keyword Difficulty.

3) Check the Search result page where small websites are ranking or not based on DA factor (DA less than 30) & Check Title, Meta & URL.

4) The minimum 2 websites should be there.

5) Match the criteria then this is the perfect keyword for your blog.

2) Google Keyword Planner:


Google Keyword Planner is the best tool for selecting keyword based on page bid.

It gives legitimate data. It has a filter, CPC, LSI, Search Volume, competition (Low, Medium & High) option.

Price: FREE

How to use Keyword Planner?

Keyword: RankBrain Digital

1) Open Keyword Planner and insert the keyword in the search bar.

2) Check the search volume & Keyword Difficulty.

3) Competition should be less

4) Check the CPC bid on a keyword. (CPC>$0)

5) Match the criteria then this is the perfect keyword for your blog.

3) What was the reason behind starting your website?


Answer:  Honestly, I started blogging to implement my SEO Ninja techniques on & profile on Google. If you search  Sammy Belose on Google, you can easily get an idea about Online Profile.

Now, I started helping to ninja’s because they don’t know the exact SEO approach & Google unknown hacks.

4) What are your opinions about On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO in 2019? How should a new business start its initial SEO process?

Answer:  Regarding my experience in SEO, On-page SEO & Off-Page SEO both are important to build an authority site.

On-Page SEO in 2019:

If you are planning to launch a new AdSense or affiliate site in 2019, On-Page SEO plays a vital role to rank your scratch website within less time.

You can use Ahref or SemRush to get an idea about your On-Page SEO Score. If you don’t have Ahref or SemRush, I would like to Suggest

SEO SiteCheckup. it’s FREE.

Case Study: How I increase 4000 visitors to 40,000 visitors in a single day with no backlink?

I optimized the blog post using the On-Page SEO technique. [Case Study is coming soon so stay tuned]

Off-Page SEO in 2019:

If you want to rank on 1st Page of Google, you need to work on the following formula,

On-Page SEO + Technical SEO + Off SEO = 1st Page Rank

In fact, Off-Page SEO is not related to backlink only; Create a Brand in 2019.

In 2019, Spammy link building techniques are not working. Google started to penalize that website which has no authority.

I personally use Skyscraper & Shotgun link building technique to build an authority website.

SEO Process for New Start-ups:

I will share with you my personal Client SEO Formula to grow like a pro.

1) Start Building an SEO friendly website.

2) Do not play with competitive keywords.

3) Create Brand Authority in the market & Local Area.

 4) Run Brand Awareness Campaign using FB Ads.

 5) Write 10 Skyscraper articles & do blogger outreach

 6) Do SEO Audit / Month

 7) Focus on Social Media.

5) According to you, what will be the future in Search Engine Optimization?


A lot of people asking me this question and trust me SEO is the Big Sea where you have to learn Website SEO, Local SEO,

 Ecommerce SEO, App Store SEO & YouTube SEO.

If you are an expert in SEO, you can start your SEO Agency or you can work as a freelancer.

SO, SEO will help you to earn more money & live a more solid life.

6)Your takes on keyword density in an article.

Answer:  Content is king but if you do not focus on quality, there is no meaning to write that content.

Some SEO Expert stuff the keywords in the content for better ranking and become a hero in the front of Google Panda.

Google Panda is penalizing that website which is stuffing the keyword in the content.

I personally use TF- IDF rule to write better content with 1st Page Ranking.

7) Video SEO is easy than blogging SEO?


Answer: Yes, Video SEO is easy than Blogging SEO.

Case Study:
I worked as an SEO guy for TrakinTech YouTube Channel (2.5 Million Subscriber).

8) Job or Business? Your point of view

Answer: I hate jobs because of bossism & I love business because of Freedom.

You have to follow the rules & ethics of your company. Report to your

manager, complete your work within the given timeframe, Politics, No work Credit, Low salary.


You are the creator of your empire, freedom, Positive Vibes, Ups & Down,

100% focus on your work, No Limitation.

 9)Let our readers know about your future plans. Any new venture that you want to start?


I want to start an Amazon affiliate website where I can earn 6 figure incomes. I will launch a course about SEO for beginners for FREE & I

will try to help more no. people.

I already started the SEO Agency (rankbraindigital) to help start-ups and grow their business.

10) Your advice to someone who doesn’t know SEO and wants to learn it.

Answer: I work on LAT Formula (L- Learn A- Apply T- Teach). If you want to

learn SEO, you can start finding the expert in SEO. I would suggest Backlinko

in SEO & Neil Patel for Digital Marketing.

If you want to learn SEO from me Stay tune on my FB page. I will announce the

date of my FREE SEO Course very soon.

Conclusion: That is Sammy Belose for you, a cool and calm guy with a very clear search engine optimization thought process. From the

simplefactsonline community, we are wishing him all the very best for his future journies. We would hope to work with him soon.

Facing issues with SEO? Not anymore, check this website

I believe that all your questions about SEO have been answered.  Now just go and do proper keyword research, write useful content. Do

check out the guidelines to Increase Social Media Shares

Still, have a question? Ask Sammy Belose in the comments.

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We are getting amazing responses to our interview series. In the past week, we have featured 3 Digital Marketers in this series and this is

the 4th interview you guys are reading. Thank you so much for the overwhelming responses.  Now it’s your time to promote your online

business. Just drop me an email at Let’s grow together.


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